Ad #5 Land O Lakes


The stereotype perpetuated in this ad by Land O Lakes butter, says that women tend to the more domestic tasks such as cooking. The body expressions used in ad also promote the stereotype that women tend to laugh and use more facial expressions while men use more body language. The ad is appealing to an adult audience and trying to persuade them to buy butter.

In the ad, several people, male and female, are gathered in the kitchen around a table of food. Men are using hand gestures while having a conversation. At the same time, a woman is laughing and breaking apart a head of lettuce. Although men often cook, this ad does show men and women in the roles that advertisers often depict them in.

Source: Country Living. (March, 2008). p. 139. Land O Lakes ad.


Ad #4 Planters


In this ad for Planters NUT-rition, the stereotype that women are the sex more concerned with their appearance and thus more prone to dieting is being perpetuated. With a bikini made of nuts, the target audience in this ad is clearly for women. The print mentions that this brand of nuts is recommended by South Beach Diet, which is intended to persuade women into using the product for dieting purposes.

The bikini itself is eye-catching with the top and bottom made from cashews and almonds. It almost looks 3-D and appears as though it could be made for a larger woman. While women are more prone to eating disorders, I feel this ad tries to make a statement that Planters is offering a more healthful approach to dieting.

Source: Country Living Magazine. (March 2008). Planters Nutrition Ad.


Ad #3 Wagner


This ad for Wagner home improvement power tools, confirms the typical stereotype of men working outside of the home and of women working mainly in the home. It is appealing to both men and women to persuade them into purchasing products that will help spruce up the home and lighten the workload.

In the ad, a man is shown outside on a ladder painting the exterior of a house. Directly underneath is another photo showing a woman painting the interior of the home. Additionally, this also confirms the stereotype that men engage in more risky behaviors by showing the male on the ladder. While women certainly do use ladders, advertisers would probably not switch these roles by depicting the woman outside on the ladder and the man inside the home especially where both are shown in the same ad together.

Source: This Old House. (July, 1998). p.41. Wagner ad.


Ad #2 PBS


This ad for the Public Broadcasting System, or PBS, contradicts the stereotype that girls are typically less aggressive than boys. Girls are supposed to be more gentle and less prone to violent acts than their male counterparts. However, the advertisers decided to use a little girl to get their message across. PBS relies on the generosity of  viewers and is hoping to persuade them to donate to the station.

In the ad, the little girl is holding a child’s drawing in front of her face. In the drawing, a little girl is shown hitting a little boy over the head with a mallet. The print in the ad appeals to parents who want less violent television programs for their children. Their argument is that kids learn violence from TV shows on other stations. PBS offers non-violent programming for children such as Sesame Street and Wishbone. I think that by portraying a little girl engaged in a violent act and contradicting the traditional stereotype, makes the ad an attention grabber. It makes it’s point by suggesting that little girls could also be prone to violence on TV.

Source: This Old House. (July, 1998). p.12. PBS ad.

Ad #1 Aveeno

Image This ad for Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion reflects the gender stereotype that women in general are more concerned with their appearance than men. This particular ad is for women and is intended to persuade women to purchase the advertised skin product.

In order to persuade women to purchase the product, the ad shows a female model with beautiful glowing skin. The print portion claims that by using the product on a regular basis, it will “improve the health of dry skin.” This claim, also reflects that women are concerned with health in addition to beauty. By using women as their target audience, the advertisers affirm the stereotype. It would be hard to imagine this ad with a male model instead of the female model depicted.

Source: Organic Gardening. (October/November, 2012). p. 11. Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion.